Monday, January 26, 2015

How does it feel to be an Ironman?

Last three days I had been writing a 3D rendering engine using Javascript and HTML5 Canvas. It was an accidental decision, I was thinking of writing a game that I did not realize need a 3D rendering capability, so I decided to try rendering cubes. Alas I did the whole thing using linear algebra and perspective projection, and now I have a functional engine that can render any type shapes defined using points and segments. However it does not support surface rendering, only wireframes. The result is pretty satisfying! The debugging was extremely challenging as it involved trigonometric functions and matrices, but the end product was very pleasing to see. Here you can see the demo to the engine, which I titled:

link:  "How does it feel to be an Ironman".

(Note: for more fluid rendering, I recommend using Google Chrome. The computation is indeed pretty heavy. )